Loyalty & Dedication

As you begin teaching a student, my goal is to show them the path to a warrior.  A path to become a Martial Artist.  A lot of misconception exists about the Arts.  A beginner often thinks the only thing they have to do is kick and punch, but later they realize nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

A beginner may think they can take a introductory course and become a Martial Artist.  However, it takes hard work, training, and years of determination.  It is not an easy road to travel, nor is it quick.


Most the time they look at schools to see if that is where they would like to train at, but what they don’t realize it’s not up to them , it’s up to the teacher , the instructor will see something in the student, then if they are lucky the instructor will mold into to there own style.

Then the student will have to find their commitment level, they will comment themselves to become a warrior, achieving basics levels of commitment, loyalty and dedication.


They must take four to five years of there life, depending on what style they are in, they have to have a goal and comment to it , without that commitment, they are wasting there time and money.

The instructor will look for inside the student; see the exact qualities that are in the instructor.


The loyalty and dedication of one chosen art or style. When the instructor offers several list of different arts, it’s the art that is not complete, they never found the true meaning of loyalty to there instructor or themselves.


They think only one art is good and two is better, that’s just plain ignorance, their instructor should have taught them better, the instructor has always told to be a true martial artist the have to have an open mind.


A true black belt is a warrior, the warrior is only a warrior when they believe in the style they know, believes in there instructor, and will never take them down a path where there is no loyalty, or dedication to there teacher.

Now the beginner, to the student, to the black belt, starts to walk the path, side by side with there instructor, the path is very difficult, undertaking of life, the black belt will face his worst enemy, “themselves” there instructor will help them over come the negative personality, there mind will have to be discipline, they will have to be transformed into the warrior despite of what they feel about their style or instructor.

The instructor has qualities that the black belt, and student needs, there are loyalty and the dedication to greater than themselves, the instructor style is a part of him, even if he its necessary to allowed to study another style, its for a new perspective, his first style is complete, he then realize that there is no need for him to seek another, till he master his own, back to the first style.

It’s better to be able to make one technique work, then to know a hundred that you can’t make work.

That’s like your first style that you are truly loyalty to dedicate your life to.

If you wish to walk the path as a warrior, it’s very important to find an instructor that has already had, and then look deep inside of yourself.

If you walk the path, find the style taught by your teacher, you will find it’s not easy, many obstacles in your way, some will fail, other will approach the seeking of a meaning of a true warrior, to become a true black belt, by holding the qualities of loyalty and dedication in there heart, and mind.

Then they might just become one of the few who know what it means to become a true warrior with the dedication and the loyalty to their style and most of all to their instructor.

When you can’t learn any more from the warrior your instructor and have truly can say you have been 100% dedicated and loyalty, and then you know what it takes to be a true warrior and then become one….

Mike Hess Karate kyoshi dan